Computing and Information Technology Lawyer in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Troy Rollo is a Sydney barrister with extensive experience in computing and information technology, having had nearly 20 years experience in software development (including as chief technical officer of an international software company) before becoming a lawyer, with additional non-commercial experience (including contributing to open source projects) both before and after that.This gives him an understanding of technical issues, electronic evidence, and the issues affecting technology business, that is second to none among lawyers.

He has been practising law professionally since 2008, and is on the Legal Technology Committee of the Law Society of New South Wales and from April 2010 to October 2013 was leader of the Technology special interest group of the Communications, Entertainment and Technology Committee of New South Wales Young Lawyers.

If you need a barrister with these kinds of skills in computing and IT law, please see his business web site.