Before becoming a Lawyer Troy Rollo had extensive experience in computing and information technology with a focus on software development. His experience in computer programming goes back even further than university, to the age of 14 where he developed an obsession with writing software, and before long was producing full applications, some of which he released into the public domain.

His professional software development career began in 1989 and continued to 2008, focussed on software development throughout. During his software development career he also contributed to open source software on his own time, and he still does software development at home and keeps up with developments in the industry.

In 1991 he joined the company that later became CorVu where he commenced development of the CorVu business intelligence suite from scratch, thereby starting the CorVu business together with Justin Macintosh.

From 1993 he was Chief Technical Officer of CorVu while still maintaining an active hands-on software development role. As is usually the case in software development companies, as CTO he was also responsible for oversight of internal information technology services (until mid 2007 after the company was bought out by a privately held software company in the United States).

After restructuring of the businesses undertaken by the new parent company in early 2008, he turned his attention to the law.